At Manhattan Real Estate Experts, we are dedicated to living up to our name as the prime authority on Office Space in Manhattan. Research, negotiation, and follow-through are our calling card. We believe in the value of the client-broker relationship, and are actively on your side from the first phone call to the end or renewal of your lease

Communication is Key:

At Manhattan Real Estate Experts, we believe that good communication is the key to a winning broker-client relationship. We pride ourselves on our ability to get to know our clients needs, means, and wants in order to achieve the best spot for their business.

To put it simply, we are dedicated to your success.


We will always keep your business information, personal information, and your next move private and confidential. Our team is made up of highly-adept experts who always put your best interest first.

Your Broker, Your Advocate:

In our time together, you will come to know your Manhattan Real Estate Experts broker as your advocate.

Our dedication to the client's interest is what sets us apart from the rest. Unlike other brokers, our only allegiance is to our client. We tout no unfair ties with any particular landlords, and thus will always provide a fair and comprehensive listing of suitable properties.


We are dedicated to acquiring the best possible lease terms. Sometimes, this can include securing concessions for services, building construction allowances and free rent. We constantly strive to sweeten the deal in your favor.

We Know You Will Agree With Our Philosophy

And as always, we are a NO FEE brokerage.